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Oceans make up three-fourths of the earth's surface. There have been four major occeans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic. In April 2000, the Southern Ocean in the Antarctic region of the world was named the fifth major ocean.1 Below are pictures of oceans and the table of facts about the five oceans.

Here are some amazing ocean pictures representing the five oceans of the world. Please click on the picture to view a larger image.

Scene of the Arctic Ocean Scene of the Atlantic Ocean at the Grand Turk Scene of the Indian Ocean at the Maldives Scene of the Pacific Ocean Scene of the Southern Ocean
Arctic Ocean2 Atlantic Ocean3 Indian Ocean4 Pacific Ocean4 Southern Ocean4

Name of Ocean Location5 Size (in square miles)6 Deepest Point Name1 Depth of Deepest Point1
Arctic Arctic region 5,000,000 sq. mi. Arctic Basin 18,456 ft.
Atlantic Between the Americas and Europe/Africa 32,000,000 sq. mi. Puerto Rico Trench 30,246 ft.
Indian South of Southern Asia and between Africa and Australia 28,000,000 sq. mi. Java Trench 24,460 ft.
Pacific Between Asia/Australia and the Americas 64,000,000 sq. mi. Mariana Trench 35,827 ft.
Southern Antarctic region 7,848,295 sq. mi. South Sandwich Trench7 23,737 ft.

This table shows the five oceans and the size and depths of their deepest points.

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